Research Questions for the Precision Medicine Initiative Cohort

Welcome to the NIH Precision Medicine Initiative (PMI) Feedback blog! The PMI will build a comprehensive scientific knowledge base to put precision medicine into practice on a much larger scale. To achieve this goal, the initiative will build a national research cohort study of 1 million or more Americans to propel our understanding of health and disease. Every few weeks we will feature a new topic and welcome the opportunity to know your thoughts.

This first post focuses on the critical research questions that can be uniquely addressed by the cohort to advance precision medicine. Currently, NIH is considering a number of areas where the research using such a cohort may be particularly helpful, including:

  1. Determining how an individual will respond to a particular drug based on their genes
  2. Discovering new molecular causes for a variety of rare diseases
  3. Identifying new ways to predict disease development using an individual’s genes or other physical characteristics
  4. Identifying new ways to predict disease using information about an individual’s environment or behaviors
  5. Testing new ways to prevent or treat disease using mobile health technologies, such as smartphones or activity trackers

We’d like your thoughts on the most important scientific questions that the cohort can answer.

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